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Injection Molded Plastics
Injection Molded Plastics
Injection Molded Plastics


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When it comes to injection molding, we know
that every request is unique, and a quick turnaround
time is often required. We have the resources to provide
everything you need for virtually any injection molding
application—including custom-engineered part designs,
mold creation, and tooling. Our staff has the expertise
and imagination that can meet your most demanding goals—
efficiently, cost effectively, and within your desired schedule.
We offer the ability to quickly deliver solutions in a variety of thermoplastic materials and colors, while meeting requirements for aesthetic, mechanical, thermal, and optical properties. Listed below are a few materials we use to manufacture various products. There are many more available.

  Valox SE0420

   Rynite 530



  Vectra A130


Our engineering expertise and hands on process control enable us to be highly flexible and innovative. There are many quality control checks like product tolerance, color, and physical appearance that are made at every step of the manufacturing process. From concept to completion, Cir-Q-Tek is committed to helping you achieve your goals with your complete satisfaction in mind.

What's more, we continually enhance our global sourcing to ensure the seamless worldwide transfer of technologies and capabilities. Bottom line: Cir-Q-Tek is equipped to deliver injection molded products of the highest quality and reliability.

In addition, we can build custom molds to meet the needs of any U.S. injection mold producer. A team of experienced engineers, designers, and toolmakers work with you to define your concept, construct a prototype, and build your custom mold. The end result is a mold that serves your specific needs, giving you a competitive advantage at a significantly lower price.

Injection Molded Plastics

To find out more about how we can turn your ideas into solutions through effective outsourcing:

2210 E. Farragut Ave
Bristol, PA 19007-0136
215.788.7089 fax